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Salary Packaging and FBT Consultants
Established 1982
Salary packaging advice is available from Salary Packaging Gurus (SPG) on the most common fringe benefits and salary package items.
SPG provide salary package advice and Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) advice to employers, their employees and also work with accountants Australia wide.
Salary package advice, Salary package consultant, FBT advice, Novated Lease, Associate LeaseSalary Packaging Gurus (SPG) are completely independent from and not tied to any:
  • Car novated lease administrators
  • Salary package outsourcers
  • Car fleet leasing companies
  • Financial planning firms
  • Finance brokers
  • Motor dealerships
SPG have no ulterior pecuniary interests.
Our fees are an hourly rate only with no hidden agendas or commission payments.
Salary package consultancy is available from SPG on:Salary sacrifice, salary package advice, salary packaging, salary package consultants, Novated Lease, Associate Lease 
  • Replacement cars, regardless of age, financed or not
  • Existing cars, regardless of age, financed or not
  • Associate Lease       
  • Novated Lease
  • Relocation Benefits
  • Remote area items
  • All other applicable salary packagable Fringe Benefit categories
  • Salary packaging policies
  • Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)      
Employer types transacted by SPG:
  • $30k cap public benevolent institutions
  • FBT rebatable 
  • Income tax exempt bodies including local government
  • Corporates
Contact Salary Packaging Gurus today to get the right salary packaging advice along with Fringe Benefits Tax advice and you could save $1,000's.
We show you how to salary sacrifice and the best way of packaging your salary and usually without FBT