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Salary packaging, Novated Lease, Associate Lease, salary sacrifice, salary package adviceWhat we do for employees:
  • Provide general salary packaging advice 
  • Provide advice so the detrimental effects of current reportable super, Fringe Benefits and negative gearing can be minimised with revised salary packaging strategies, where applicable.
  • Show how an existing (say) 12 year old car, owned or not, could create a significant increase in disposable income. I.e. Staff do not have to buy a replacement car to participate.
  • Calculate budgeted reductions in HELP and Child Support liabilities, due to package item sacrifices.
  • Calculate budgeted increases in Family Tax Benefit, Rental Assistance, Child Care Benefit and government rebates etc, due to package item sacrifices. 
  • Provide advice that helps employees make informed decisions as to whether they should package an item or not.
  • Structure car finance contracts to maximise the package gain, by minimising the overall after tax cost.
  • Offer FBT advice
  • Only charge an hourly rate for the consultancy which itself can be salary sacrificed without FBT, or paid for by the employer.
  • Ensure the employee’s salary package education covers the basics, plus a full explanation of each benefit item chosen.
  • Employee advice given is targeted and specific, and is in no way generic. The employee must have a good understanding of the pros and cons of any package item before proceeding with salary packaging.
An employee of a corporate earning $97,000 pa was advised that a $122,653 on-road cost car could be salary packaged through the employer’s novated lease outsourcer with a $3,562 per annum after tax gain via the novated lease arrangement.
Salary Packaging Gurus showed that the ‘real world’ position was that a novated lease was actually $5,690 pa more expensive than a consumer car loan and not salary packaging the luxury car.
An $80k pa PBI employee paying HELP debt and with a Child Support liability was advised by the package outsourcer to salary sacrifice $15,900 pa mortgage repayments.
Salary Packaging Gurus pointed out that the increases in the HELP and Child Support liabilities, due to the $30,000 (from 01.04.20167Reportable Fringe Benefit, virtually wiped out the total purported gains claimed by the salary package outsourcer. Salary Packaging Gurus redesigned the package structure to minimise these issues.
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We show you how to salary sacrifice and the best way of packaging your salary and usually without FBT