Salary Packaging Gurus -   Experts in salary package consultancy & FBT compliance

  • Provide salary package advice in addition to Fringe Benefits Tax advice
  • Provide advice on the optimum salary package item choices to be offered to employees at various salary levels. I.e. maximise both employee remuneration and employer financial on costs savings.
  • Overview the current methods of employer staff car provision, including the fee structure and lease interest rates of current novated lease suppliers.
  • Supply salary package agreements, FBT declarations, car lease information kits, car associate lease agreements and employee salary package budgets.
  • Provide all package item calculations; including GST input tax credit claims, non-deductible gross up options, FBT compliance and minimization or elimination strategies.
  • Implement procedures to minimise salary package administration workload.
  • Provide Fringe Benefits Tax advice on all available fringe benefits
  • Calculate budgeted payroll tax savings in all 8 states and territories. These can average $2,000 for just one packaged car.
  • Calculate budgeted workers’ compensation premium savings in NSW, ACT, Victoria and Tasmania. There are no savings available in Qld, SA, NT and WA.
  • Provide methods of completely simplified salary packaged car administration, including fully maintained associate leases. I.e. “set and forget” employee car provision.
  • We only charge an hourly rate. There are no other costs to be paid.
  • We quickly learn to understand our clients operations. We suggest additional benefit choices and removal of current items that are impractical, or detrimental to most staff. E.g. Golf club membership reimbursement for employees of corporates.